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Automatic Guided Vehicle- Rover
MTAB ROVER is an industrial Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), designed for flexible integration in a warehouse or factory environment. With the maximum load carrying capacity of 500 kg, ROVER uses either line tracing or magnetic tracing methods to follow the path designed for executing process. ROVER is designed for easy integration and control by the operators. It is offered as Mouse Type or Tugger Type AGV.

ROVER can be used for:
  • Material handling system
  • Manufacturing automation material handler
  • Process automation material handler
  • Multi-stage mobile assembly platform
AGV Guidance System Options:
Line Tracing, Magnetic Tracing
Target, Obstacle sensors Configurable obstacle sensor
Control System:
Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC with HMI
Power Supply:
Rechargeable battery with charger
Running hours on full charge :
4 hours
Load Capacity :
100, 200, 350, 500 kg
Operation Mode :
Auto/ Semi-auto/ Manual
Stations :
10 programmable with option to add more
Mouse Type AGV